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Well. The drawing is great. A fine work of art.

1. (Technique): Apparently you used some kinda water pencil technique to make the blossoms and some blurry to create the effect of the wind on them, that was really nice, the fur and trees are also great and not that easy to do so, I'll give you 5 stars for your technique.

2. (Vision): The moon came out really great, you prolly used the same technique to create it and some really good texture or source image to make the fire, and the grass is also alright, pretty cool. Besides that i only think you could've used some effect to make the water look more real, and you could've make Amaterasu's muscles visible. so i'll give you 3.5 stars in this subject.

3. (Originality) Amaterasu is a well known character, plus you can find screens similar to this in the game so I'll give you 2.5 stars in the Originality concept.

4. (Impact) The drawing gives a sense of calming and relaxation, it's well centered and Amaterasu's body looks great, if the background was something more violent and his eyes more ferocious I'd give you 5 stars in this subject. For this one, 4/5.

Final Note: 3.75 (Really Good).

Hope you liked the critique, keep drawing you're good at it ;)!
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poppykiller Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Ummm... Actually Amaterasu is a female...
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